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In the heart of a bustling Bangalore city, amidst the hubbub of urban life, the dance studios of Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, with its mirrored walls stands as a silent witness to countless moving moving bodies and unfolding stories. The remaining walls of the studio, sprung-wooden floor covered in linoleum mats awaits every morning, for rhythmic footfalls, ready to be brought to life.

The Copy & Paste, Cut & Mix movement workshop by German choreographer  Moritz Ostruschnjak with dancer Daniel Conant in presence, begins with the participating dancers forming a circle, beginning their warm-up. If one were to observe carefully every eye in the studio is trained on Dancer Daniel’s movement phrases and ever breath hanging on to the instructions from Moritz. There is a general environment of satisfactory glee within the studio space and every body seem saturated with it. During the brief time that choreographer Moritz Ostruschnjak left the studio to head for lunch, we were able to sit for a small chat with him.

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