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Yoga Pose

T E A C H E R  T R A I N I N G

by Aayana Yoga Academy


Monday, Oct 21 to Friday, Nov 25, 1pm to 7pm

Certificate Distribution

Friday, Nov 25, 2pm to 7pm

@ Rangamandala, Attakkalari

Course Fees

Rs. 60,000/- +GST

Registration Deadline

Oct 19, 2022

Selected participants from the registrations will be intimated via email and phone call. A payment link will be shared with you and your spot will only be confirmed upon payment.

BECOME A CERTIFIED YOGA TEACHER. It’s your turn to OM the world!  The teaching certificate offered, upon successful completion of the course is internationally recognised and will allow students membership of the Yoga Alliance.

About the intensive

Whether you love yoga and wish to become a yoga teacher or looking at  deepening your own practice and transforming your life, this beginner level course is for you. During your course we touch upon various topics of yoga theory (please see the syllabus below), yoga anatomy, asana practice sessions, yoga nidra, pranayama, shatkarmas and group discussions. Yoga teacher training should be a lifechanging experience. Participants will learn to incorporate the essence of all the different aspects of yoga into
their practice, a solid foundation on the basics of yoga, enough knowledge of yoga to start practicing and
imparting the skills to others.

Course Description




  • Beginners can attend between 7:00 pm - 8 pm (both days)

  • There will be Q & A session.

  • Prior Registration Mandatory.

  • Long notes and their mysteries

  • Advanced Alankaras

  • Bansuri Techniques

  • One Raga with Aalap, Composition, Taans & Tihayees

  • Jaati Alankaras

  • Creation of Taans and Tihayees

  • Long notes – Path to understand the mind and its mysteries

  • Bansuri Techniques – Mastering the skills

  • Aalap & Jod – Core of Maihar gharana and dhrupad ang

  • Composition, Taans & Tihayees – Self improvisation

  • Sessions to address individual blockages

  • How to curate your performance




Any bansuri enthusiast

1-3 years of prior training

4-5 years of prior training

FEES: Rs. 500



August 05th, 2022

Registration Deadline

** Please record a video of 2-3 minutes preferably a composition before filling the registration form. Your fingers and face should be clearly visible in the video. Please upload in your Youtube channel and post the link in the admission form.

Selected participants from the registrations will be intimated via email and phone call. The payment link will be shared with you and your spot will only be confirmed upon payment.



Past Residential Workshops

The Facilitators


Himanshu Nanda


Akash Pattnaik

About Aayana

One of the senior-most disciples of bansuri* maestro Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, Himanshu Nanda’s made an exemplary career out of playing the flute. A Sangeet Visharad, Shri Himanshu Nanda is a prolific performer as well as music educator. He has toured the world to perform and won recognition: The title “Sur Mani” was conferred on him by Mumbai’s Sur Singar Samsad. He is the founder director of The Mystic Bamboo Academy in Pune and the co-founder of Chinmaya Swaranjali — the music wing of Chinmaya Mission worldwide. Nanda will be conducting a three-day bansuri intensive as part of Attakkalari’s Way of the Masters series. In this conversation with Attakkalari, Nanda reveals what he has in store for students of the bansuri intensive. Edited excerpts:

Gradient Background

‘TEACHING IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF ME’ In 2001, I got an opportunity to work in IIT Mumbai as a visiting faculty in music. That opportunity was also a challenge because it was the first time I was teaching music to engineering students. The class had 25 students and I remember feeling stumped about how I’d teach music to the 25 of them and that too for 45 minutes.

" Think of this programme as one that will show them a path forward to learning the bansuri. It is going to be three full days of teaching. It will be intense. Come prepared for that!"
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